How We Can Mitigate Conflict

Many think that the Cold War has been over for decades; but actually, there has never been a greater need for discussion and understanding than now. Weapons are more deadly and can be launched with less warning. Ideologies are at odds and intractable. The U.S. and its former enemies are only 20 minutes away from mutual destruction. Steps can be taken now to reduce that possibility.

Today we have thousands of members of the armed forces deep underground waiting for the command to launch Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Russians and Chinese are also underground doing the same thing. In twenty minutes, we could both cease to exist. This is a strategy that we call MAD- Mutual Assured Destruction. We’ve been living with this strategy since the 50’s. General Loeffke believes that instead of ICBMs, we should focus on CBMs, Confidence Building Measures.

We need not be strangers. We need not be enemies. We have to get out of our shells of being citizens of just one piece of territory that we are living in.  For a highly decorated US Army general to advocate peace over war, and understanding over ideology, the danger must be very real.